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Making contact

We endeavor to respond to all enquiries within 24hours. Expect a call from our friendly team to better understand your vision and requirements.

Site Inspection

Trained and dedicated team members are available to complete a site inspection, to establish the viability of the site and environmental aspects that will effect or influence the greenhouse.

Growing in a greenhouse there are critical guidelines to ensure your tunnel is effective

  • Airflow
  • Positioning of the greenhouse according to the sun
  • Wind
  • Temperatures
  • Shading
  • Water quality
  • Soil Analysis

We take this all into consideration before installing a greenhouse solution


We work closely with our client to formulate a detailed plan, that will achieve an optimal balance between the projects needs and available resources.

We identify the goals and objectives that need to be achieved.

We then present our recommendations that are tailored to your unique environmental aspects.

Turn Key Projects 

Supply you with the most effective and efficient growing solution with all the components ie:

  • Greenhouse Tunnel solution
  • Vertical Grow Walls
  • Elevated Vegetable Beds
  • Wall mounted grow walls
  • Water saving methods and products
  • Organic Products
  • Growing mediums and materials & compost
  • Hydroponic systems
  • Computerized irrigation and fertigation systems
  • Fogging, Cooling, Heating, Humidification and Dehumidification systems

Growing with our partners 

We like to work with people who share our commitment to innovation and quality. So we partner with leading agronomists and carefully selected manufacturers and suppliers to offer you the highest quality products, the best advice and on-going development of new solutions to meet growing challenges.

And through our partnership and collaboration, we bring you the best products available today.

We are also open to testing of new products and  “Green products” and solutions, please get in contact with our Sales representative.




Greenhouse Structures

16 sqm

4m wide x 4m long x 2,6m high

40 sqm

4m wide x 10m long x 2,6m high

24 sqm

4m wide x 6m long x 2,6m high

48 sqm

4m wide x 12m long x 2,6m high

32 sqm

4m wide x 8m long x 2,6m high


Custom structures

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